Police Receive Testimony Stating Seungri Was Indeed On Drugs At Burning Sun

The testimony says he was on drugs.

An exclusive report from TV Chosun has stated that a club official gave a testimony to police, revealing that Seungri was indeed on drugs when he was at the club.

TV Chosun has also dug deeper and confirmed that Seungri was secretly summoned by police yesterday, and was interrogated about his possible drug use.

Seungri has already taken a drug test and come out negative, but this time with a testimony, police are investigating again.

According to the report, the police believe that the testimony is credible. However, they are having difficulty fully investigating the drug accusations, as there was no time or location disclosed. Seungri also maintains he did not take any drugs.

Police plan to continue to investigate Seungri’s possible drug use, based on statements and circumstantial evidence. Seungri will continue to be called in for investigations

The news report also talked about Lee Moon Ho, who is the CEO of Burning Sun. While Lee Moon Ho’s arrest warrant application was denied, police did receive a statement saying that Lee Moon Ho gave them drugs for free, during the time police were investigating. Lee Moon Ho has already denied those claims, and has previously been accused of bribing police in the past.

Police also summoned Chinese employee “Anna” again today after a hair drug test discovered ecstasy. Seungri was previously accused of taking a picture with “Anna”.

Earlier today, Seungri denied all accusations of overseas gambling and prostitution, claiming the members of the chatroom were joking around.

Source: TV Chosun

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