Popular Boy Group Members Get Into Serious Car Accident Because Of Sasaeng Fans

Their company has issued a response.

Members of Chinese boy group TNT (Teens in Times) have gotten into a car accident.

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On July 9, Oriental Daily reported that Liu Yaowen and Song Yaxuan were victims of stalking by sasaeng (obsessive) fans.

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Liu Yaowen (Left) and Song Yaxuan (Right) | TF Entertainment

The company car they were in was tailed by the fans in an eight-seater car and was soon rear-ended by them.


The collision resulted in a large dent on both vehicles.


Their company, TF Entertainment, updated fans soon after. They reassured them that Yaowen and Yaxuan sustained no injuries from the car accident and were currently resting in their hotel.

Everyone is safe. We’ve made certain that none of our artistes are injured, and there is no issue.

— TF Entertainment

They also filed a police report against the sasaeng fans involved in the incident, adding that they “strongly condemn” this kind of violent behavior.

Our company strongly condemns this type of private pursuit and vehicle following behavior, and has reported the situation to the police and reported it to the relevant departments for legal processing.

— TF Entertainment

TNT consists of members Ding Chengxin, Ma Jiaqi, Zhang Zhenyuan, Song Yaxuan, He Junlin, Yan Haoxiang, and Liu Yaowen. They debuted in 2019 with their single “Wow Wa.”

| TF Entertainment
Source: 8Days and Yahoo
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