Old Post Predicting An Idol’s Marriage Gets Revisited In Light Of iKON Bobby’s News

Many of their predictions lined up with his announcement.

Earlier today, the K-Pop world was greeted with amazing news regarding iKON‘s Bobby. The idol member uploaded a heartfelt, handwritten letter dedicated to his fans that explained his life updates. Bobby shared with the world that he would be getting married to “the person [he] loves,” but that wasn’t all. The iKON member also revealed that he would become a father this upcoming September.

iKON member Bobby.

With the exciting news, headlines were made left and right regarding Bobby and his sudden announcement. One of the headlines that has been taking over different online communities, however, is a very specific two-month-old post that Korean netizens believe may have predicted the iKON member’s news.

This post was uploaded two months ago onto an online community with content that made predictions regarding an anonymous idol member. The original poster alleged that an idol would be “[announcing] their wedding plans to a non-celebrity” sometime in July or August.

Original post predicting an idol’s marriage from 2 months ago | Instiz

And while many people didn’t believe the original post at the time of its upload, netizens have begun to revisit it due to the accuracy of the predictions. The announcement date, the non-celebrity partner, and the initials ‘BB’ made the perfect concoction for netizens to believe that the predictions were indeed about Bobby.


Original poster’s comment from 2 months ago and recent comments following Bobby’s announcement | Instiz

Other online netizens, however, were a little skeptical of the predictions due to the accuracy of it all. They couldn’t help but wonder if it was someone in Bobby’s circle that created the original post.

| theqoo
  • “Honestly though, if it was just a month ago, everyone in his life probably knew. How are you supposed to hide a 8-9 month pregnancy…”
  • “Knowing about the pregnancy could have been a coincidence, but the fact that they knew the timing of his announcement shows that the person has to be a friend.”
  • “It could be someone who works at the gynecologist.”
  • “They all knew ㅎ”
  • “It seems like a friend.”
  • “I feel like if you knew, you knew…there’s just no way that this rumor didn’t spread in the industry.”

Regardless of what may have happened, the iKON member deserves all of the love and support he can get. Congratulations to Bobby, once again, on his upcoming marriage and fatherhood!

Source: theqoo


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