PRISTIN’s Kyla Massie Fires Back At Malicious Commenters Who Body-Shamed Her

She responded in the most perfect way possible!

Kyla Massie, a former member of PRISTIN, spoke up against the malicious commenters who continued to criticize her and body-shame her over the years. She took to Twitter to speak her piece and it was absolutely perfect!


She first confessed that her bright and bubbly personality turned quiet and insecure because of the malicious commenters.


But she’s learned over the years that other people’s opinions don’t define who she is. She knows that she’s beautiful in her own way and decided to inspire others to love themselves.


She fired back at the malicious hater who body-shamed her and supports unhealthy habits to fit a specific body type.


She also fired back at excessive fans who would attack other idols. She pointed out that there was “absolutely nothing” to gain from all the hate.


Kyla made a crucial point that idols know all of the hateful messages that are written about them, even if you may think that they are unaffected by it.


After having to suffer through difficult times herself, Kyla has come out stronger than ever and continues to inspire everyone to love more and stop the hate!