PRISTIN Xiyeon’s Post Worries Fans As She Confesses Her Feelings On Her Will To Continue Living

She soon deleted it but fans are gravely worried.

PRISTIN’s Xiyeon uploaded a new post onto her personal Instagram account where she confessed her feelings on her will to continue living.


She wrote about how she has to continue living despite her feeling as if her lungs were being squeezed tightly. She consoled herself saying it was okay, but it rang like a cry for help to many concerned fans.

I have to live even for the people who are left behind. I have to live. I have to try living. Even if my lungs are being squeezed, I have to try breathing. I have to live. I have to try living.

It’s okay Junghyun (her birth name), it’s okay.

— Xiyeon


Xiyeon has since deleted the post but her post spread widely throughout different forums as many fans expressed their grave concern for Xiyeon’s health.

“My heart hurts every time I look at Xiyeon.. she devoted half of her life to Pledis but they disbanded in a heartbeat. Han Seong Soo that sh*t. I hope you get to live your life doing what you love…”

“She devoted 10 years to her dream of becoming a celebrity, but Han Seong Soo kicked her out because he was too busy growing his other children sh*t. You better not debut another girl group. You’re ruining the lives of so many people. Give Xiyeon back her 10 years”

“Xiyeon I really support you. You shined the brightest on stage with your beautyㅠㅠ”

“I hope Xiyeon gets to succeed….ㅠ She’s so pretty that she was all I could see among PRISTIN. It’s such a waste. Her beauty is such a treasure that she could even be as popular as Irene. It’s such a waste for her to disappear like this”

“Xiyeon have strength!!! You don’t need to be a celebrity so just do what you want to do”

— K-Netizens


Xiyeon had been with Pledis Entertainment for 11 years, with the majority of the time being spent as a trainee. After long years of training, she had finally debuted with PRISTIN but the group only promoted for a couple of songs before they mysteriously disbanded 2 years later.


Xiyeon has been enjoying her time off of the spotlight, but it appears she has deeper scars than she let on to her fans. Hopefully, Xiyeon will be able to overcome her troubles with the help of her devoted fans who wish only for her happiness and health.

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