PRISTIN’s Kyla Spotted Back in Korea

It’s been two years since she was last seen in Korea.

On April 6, Alex Christine – who was a former Produce 48 contestant and current ZB Label trainee – posted an Instagram update with PRISTIN‘s Kyla.

Our beloved Kyla ~ work hard, work hard.
Since there aren’t many mixed-race people, Kyla is a special friend. You’re working so hard.

On October 12, 2017, Pledis Entertainment announced that Kyla would be taking a break from activities due to health problems. She has since been residing in America.

However, fans believe that she would continue to reside in Korea after photos of her in a theme park spread online late last year. Though fans were happy to see that she was okay, there were still some people scrutinizing her and saying she must not want to be an idol anymore since she had gained weight.

Also, she was seen working in a carnival in Los Angeles.

Kyla’s sister has stated in her Instagram Live that Kyla was not leaving Pledis Entertainment and it was all just rumors.

Now that Kyla is back in Korea, fans are excited and hoping that Pristin can finally have a comeback. PRISTIN’s last comeback as a group was back in August of 2017. Their last activities were as PRISTIN V, a subunit consisting of members Eunwoo, Kyulkyung, Rena, Roa, and Nayoung.

Does this mean that PRISTIN will finally have a comeback?