“Youth With You” Current First Place Tony Yu Announces He Will Drop Out Of The Show

Chinese netizens are angered at him.

Youth With You contender, Tony Yu, has announced through his agency that he will be dropping out of the show. Tony is currently first place on the show, with the finale to be taking place just a few days after the announcement. Due to the controversy surrounding his family, Astro Music Entertainment announced that Tony will be withdrawing.

| Astro Music Entertainment

We convey our deepest apologies, on behalf of our artist Tony Yu Jing Tian, who has caused everyone distress and used up public resources due to his personal matters recently. Simultaneously, due to our artists’ personal health reasons, he will be unable to continue to participate in relevant schedules and he has decided to withdraw from his current show.

— Astro Music Entertainment

As Tony is currently only participating in Youth With You, the announcement indicates he will be withdrawing from it.

Previously, Tony fell under scrutiny when it was revealed that his parents allegedly were involved in prostitution and drug distribution illegally, through the guise of a large-scale karaoke joint. Although his parents have denied involvement by claiming that they sold shares to the place in 2008, netizens revealed through past internet postings that the place had been involved in shady dealings as early as 2004.

Chinese netizens were also angered as Tony Yu had previously claimed to hold dual citizenship between China and Canada. However, it is illegal to hold dual citizenship in China.


It was further revealed that Tony had only written his nationality as Canada during his Produce 101 days.

| Weibo via theqoo

Tony had initially gained fame through Produce 101 where he won hearts with his innocent features and gentle nature. He later went on to appear in Youth With You, where his strong performance and improvement gained him many fans.

Source: theqoo
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