Music Producer Sleep Deez Confirms That Beyoncé Loved BTS Jungkook’s “My Time”

We are not okay, we repeat, we are not okay.

The ARMY fandom may have gained another big star on their ever growing list of fans.

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Just a few hours ago, renown American music producer Sleep Deez held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session specifically for ARMYs on Reddit and naturally, there was an overwhelming amount of questions for him. The producer, who previously worked on BTS‘s Jungkook‘s hit solo track “My Time,” took the time to answer all of the burning questions that ARMYs asked.

The music producer answered questions about what it was like to work with BTS compared to other artists, his impression of Jungkook, as well as his favorite BTS songs. And while the hundreds of questions all garnered heavy attention, there was one particular question regarding Beyoncé that has been receiving special attention.

Sleep Deez was asked “I heard Beyoncé heard ‘My Time’ and loved it. Is that true?” 

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It was to this question that the music producer indeed confirmed that “YES!” Beyoncé did love Jungkook’s track!

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While Sleep Deez confirmed it on the most recent Reddit AMA, the producer also shared this information back in May 2020 when he tweeted, “It’s confirmed that Beyonce loves ‘My Time.'”

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After the double confirmation, BTS fans on Twitter began to pour out their thoughts and congratulatory messages for Jungkook upon hearing this news.

With vocals like Jungkook’s, it’s no surprise that Beyoncé loved his solo track! Maybe one day, we’ll get to see a BTS X Beyoncé collaboration.

BTS’s Jungkook.
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