Prosecution Demands After School’s Lizzy To Serve 1 Year In Prison For Her Drunk Driving Incident

They want her to serve prison time.

Prosecution has demanded that After School member Lizzy serve one year in prison for her drunk driving incident.

Lizzy’s first trial was held this morning KST at the Seoul Central District Court, where prosecution demanded she serve one year in prison for her drunk driving incident back in May 2021.

On May 18, 2021, Lizzy was booked for drunk driving. She had hit a taxi and police had her blood alcohol levels tested, and her result was higher than the 0.08% legal limit, which meant that her license could be revoked. Her case was sent to prosecution on May 27 and on June 24, she was indicted without detention for her reckless and drunk driving.

Lizzy has acknowledged her charges and also apologized again through an Instagram live broadcast.

Source: Star News