Prosecutors Announce All 4 Seasons Of “Produce 101” Were Manipulated

8 people involved were arrested.

Prosecution has announced that all of the four seasons of the Produce 101 series were manipulated to have the final votes result in favor for particular trainees. They called 8 people, including Ahn Joon Young PD, to trial. They were arrested in suspisons of disruption of business and fraud.

Five entertainment agency employees were also arrested for multiple charges, including breach of trust.


According to prosecution, Ahn PD manipulated the paid votes by the fans during the live broadcast to make sure certain trainees made it to the final group. During his investigation, he had admitted to manipulating Produce 48 and PRODUCE X 101, but initially claimed the first two seasons were fair.

But it appears the prosecutors found new evidence that may ultimately prove that the first two seasons were also rigged.

IZ*ONE and X1 (two groups that debuted from the latter two seasons) have all halted or delayed their promotions due to the scandal. Fans have gone far as to demand that they disband for the sake of the idols’ health as well as the fans of the show.

Reports claim that CJ ENM will decide on the fates of the two groups by the end of 2019.

Source: SBS


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