The Fates Of X1 and IZ*ONE Will Be Decided By The End Of 2019

Their fates will be decided this year.

The fates of both X1 and IZ*ONE will reportedly be decided by the end of 2019, with CJ ENM making the final decision after respecting each members’ agency.

According to a report from Ilgan Sports, CJ ENM, which owns Mnet, will be making their decision on what will happen to X1 and IZ*ONE by the end of 2019, after making their careful decision while trying to respect the opinions of each member and their agency.

However, Ilgan Sports also is reporting that the members of both groups, and their agencies are divided in opinion, with some wanting to keep the group, and others wanting the groups to disband. The current consensus is that the members and the agencies are leaning towards disbanding the groups.

Due to PD Ahn Joon Young and CP Kim Yong Bum‘s admissions of rigging the votes, this move is aimed at ending the controversy surrounding the Produce series as quickly as possible. Analysts say that there is no reason to continue X1, as even their Korean fans are asking for the group’s disbandment.

CJ ENM will go full steam ahead in finalizing their decision regarding X1 and IZ*ONE following the conclusion of the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards, which will be held on December 4. Fans of X1 and IZ*ONE  are expecting CJ ENM to offer an official apology and suggest measures to solve the issue.

CJ ENM has also stated that they have not yet decided on whether to release the original rankings prior to the manipulation, as the members and trainees who discover their ranks were changed could suffer additional damages.

There are many things we cannot ignore, we will decide on the possible release of the original data after thinking and discussing more about it.


Source: Ilgan Sports
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