Prosecutors Present CCTV Evidence Showing Seungri’s Alleged Affiliation With Gang Members

The footage reportedly showed Seungri’s victim being threatened by gang members.

In the ongoing investigation of the Burning Sun Scandal that rocked the nation, new evidence has been released against the former BIGBANG member, Seungri.

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On February 19th, Seungri attended his 10th court hearing about his ongoing trial regarding the Burning Sun Scandal. Seungri was most recently charged with suspected gang affiliation, as well as assault charges. The former idol now faces a total of 9 criminal charges, including solicitation of prostitution, illegal gambling, embezzlement, and more.

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During his hearing, new evidence was brought forward against Seungri regarding his alleged gang affiliation. The prosecution submitted CCTV evidence that showed the incident in question. According to the video, Seungri is seen conversing with the alleged victim in a private room at a club. Shortly after, the footage showed a group of men joining Seungri in the room after an altercation broke out.

The group of individuals were members of Seungri’s controversial KakaoTalk chatroom. Singer Jung Joon Young and former F.T. Island member Choi Jonghun were amongst the individuals. A few moments after the two arrived, former Yuri Holdings and Burning Sun CEO, Yoo In Suk also arrived at the scene.

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It was not too long after Yoo In Suk’s arrival, that 4 unknown individuals appeared at the club. These 4 individuals are suspected of being gang-affiliated members. Moments later, the CCTV video showed evidence of the victim being threatened by the supposed gang members in an alleyway outside. The police arrived at the club just minutes later, but the gang members were nowhere to be seen.

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Previously, it was reported that the alleged victim was an employee of one of South Korea’s biggest entertainment agencies, JYP Entertainment. Due to this, Seungri reached out to his former agency CEO, Yang Hyun Suk. Seungri is said to have sent a message in a group KakaoTalk chatroom including the YG Entertainment founder, as well as the head of JYP Entertainment after this incident broke out.

YG Entertainment founder, Yang Hyun Suk | News1

In light of the new CCTV footage, Seungri’s side vehemently denied the validity of the supposed evidence brought against him. The former BIGBANG member also previously denied 8 of his former criminal charges but admitted to the illegal gambling charges.

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