Producer Of Mnet’s “Queendom 2” Addresses The Allegations Of Evil Editing On The Show

Do you believe Mnet?

March 31 marked the official start of Mnet‘s new survival program, Queendom 2.

Over the series, five iconic K-Pop girl groups and veteran idol Hyolyn will be competing with each other in a series of missions each week. Netizens have been looking forward to seeing interactions between the participants and seeing their talent shine.

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However, whenever it comes to Mnet shows, netizens always voice their concern about the “evil editing” of some contestants to create drama. Even when the preliminary episode of the show was aired, netizens voiced their concerns.

In particular, their worst fears were proved right when VIVIZ’s SinB was a victim of “evil editing” in her interaction with Cosmic Girls‘ Yeoreum.

After the teams had taken their seats, SinB was seen calling over to Cosmic Girls‘ Yeoreum. As SinB said, “Excuse me, Yeoreum,” Mnet edited it so it seemed dramatic when Yeoreum and the other members looked at the VIVIZ member.

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SinB then explained, “(Aren’t we) your seniors? Please hurry and tell your members that.” From the camera angles and the reactions, it seemed like Mnet wanted SinB to look like she was being rude or trying to intimidate their junior artists (as GFRIEND debuted a year before Cosmic Girls).

| Mnet/ YouTube

Despite the idol showcasing that she didn’t care about it, and with netizens joking that SinB even tried to create drama, others explained that it seemed typical of Mnet to try and find a villain and make it seem worse.

Ahead of the show’s first episode, the cast and directors sat down in a press conference to discuss the show.

The cast of “Queendom 2” | Mnet

During the press conference, producer Lee Yeon Gyu addressed the concerns and explained that the way the show is edited and portrayed isn’t “evil editing.”

It’s not that it’s evil editing. The standards of Mnet viewers have all risen. I believe that our goal is to show everything without hiding anything.

— Lee Yeon Gyu

Producer Lee Yeon Gyu | Mnet

The producer then explained that their intention when creating the show is to create a story that showcases all of the groups participating.

Everyone is working hard in order to show a four-minute performance. We’re working to show even a bit more sincerity and narrative to it. We will work hard so that the six members’ performance can be seen perfectly.

— Lee Yeon Gyu

Many netizens seem skeptical about the reasoning and believe that Mnet is doing it on purpose, due to their past history, including during the recent Girls Planet 999 series. After these comments, Mnet will be under even more scrutiny, especially if viewers think they aren’t fulfilling their promise that they don’t intend to “evil edit.”

You can read more about the alleged evil editing of Mnet during Queendom 2 below.

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