“Queendom Puzzle” Episode 4: H1-KEY’s Hwiseo Continues To Impress As Focus Shifts On “Aces”

The Remix Battle performances did not disappoint.

On this week’s episode of Queendom Puzzle viewers were treated to an electrifying remix challenge as the remaining teams went head to head, demonstrating their unique interpretive abilities and performance prowess. With a captivating mix of pop anthems and thrilling performances, the episode unfolded as a remarkable display of talent and teamwork.

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The first performance of the day was an interesting rendition of BLACKPINK‘s “Shut Down” by Hwiseo, Fye, Sangah, and Riina. Despite an initial air of awkwardness, the team quickly found their footing, building up to an impressive dance break that served as the crescendo of their performance. Hwiseo was once again a standout. Her charisma and stage presence were evident throughout the entire performance.

In spite of these commendable efforts, the team ended up with a disappointing 152 votes, landing them in the 6th spot.

Soeun and Kei were next to grace the stage with their duet BoA‘s “Only One.” The duo faced the daunting task of syncing their choreography and vocals, which proved to be a bit of a challenge. However, the pair persevered, delivering a good (albeit not perfect) performance. The song, being in a tricky key, could have easily led to a vocal disaster, but Soeun and Kei managed to keep it under control.

Their endeavor was recognized with 184 votes, placing them 4th in the rankings.

The team with two of the highest-rated competitors, Yeoreum and Yeeun, alongside Shiroma Miru, Wooyeon, and Zoa, was up next with their interpretation of SHINee‘s “Don’t Call Me.” While the overall vocals could’ve packed a bit more punch to match the high-energy hip-hop song, each team member pulled their weight, offering a solid performance.

A pleasant surprise came in the form of Zoa, who demonstrated an impressive stage presence, earning them a total of 201 votes and a spot in 3rd place.

Finally, team “Dance the Night Away,” comprising Jiwon, Bora, Chaerin, Seoyeon, and Yeonhee, took to the stage. Despite a few awkward dance moments and the somewhat unimpressive dance break, the team put up a good show, with Bora’s vocals standing out. However, the audience was not entirely convinced, and they ended up with 166 votes, ranking 5th.

The victory in the Remix Battle went to team “Nxde,” who outshone all other teams and were rewarded with a 20,000-point benefit.

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In the second half of the episode, the focus shifted to the next challenge: the “All Rounder” battle. This stage of the competition calls for a high degree of versatility, a test of not just vocal or dance skills but the overall prowess of a performer. The contestants were split into two large groups — “QUEENDOM” and “PUZZLE,” each comprising 13 members. These two teams were further divided into five smaller units — three vocal & rap units and two dance units.

The method of dividing the contestants was a bit convoluted, but it provided an intriguing insight into the perceived strengths and weaknesses of each competitor. In particular, H1-KEY‘s Hwiseo (also MVP of the SNAP battle) emerged as a highly valued team member and a formidable contender. Her status as a strong all-rounder will likely be a key factor in the upcoming battles where versatility is a necessity.

After teams were divided and units were formed, they each got to pick the songs they would perform. Fans are already looking forward to some standout tracks the vocal & rap units have chosen: Taeyeon‘s “Weekend,” Crush‘s “Rush Hour,” DAY6‘s “Time of our Life,” and ITZY‘s “Wannabe.” On the other hand, the dance units will be tackling brand-new songs crafted by hitmakers such as BOBBY and Ryan Jhun to emphasize performance skills.

With these selections, the stage is set for an exciting next round of performances, each offering unique challenges and opportunities for the competitors.

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