Rain Features GOT7’s Jackson Wang, Chungha, And More On His New EP “PIECES”

It’s “raining” collaborations and comebacks!

After much anticipation, soloist Rain has released his EP, PIECES. This will be his first EP in three years. It features five tracks including his song “Aurora” and four collaborations with other artists.

| Sublime Artist Agency

The first collaboration is “MAGNETIC” featuring GOT7‘s Jackson Wang, which Jackson had teased to be his first of multiple collaborations that he is releasing this month. Jackson’s label TEAM WANG has recently teamed up with Rain’s label Sublime Artist Agency so this collab was bound to happen. Jackson also served as one of the writers and producers for this song.

| @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

The EP also includes the collab we’ve all been waiting for… The solo king and queen, Rain and Chungha (also known as CHUNG HA) have finally come together for “WHY DON’T WE.” Rain has been teasing us on TikTok for so long with just a snippet of the chorus! It’s exciting to finally hear it in its entirety.

The third collaboration is “Come Over” which features Keta, TAG, and WON, three of seven members of RAINCOMPANY‘s upcoming boy group Ciipher. The group will be making their debut on March 15.

Ciipher Debut Album Concept #1 | @RAIN_Ciipher/Twitter

The last collaboration included on PIECES is “Switch to Me” with J.Y. Park, who also wrote the song. The two have been promoting this song since last year. You can watch their music video below.

It’s clear that this EP has a variety of tempos that showcases Rain’s range. The title of PIECES was intentionally meant to symbolize that each different unique piece is coming together like a puzzle to make up the music artist we know as Rain.

Source: rain_oppa, GOT7 and Yonhap News Agency
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