Raina Reveals Ridiculous DMs Calling Her A Middle-Aged Lady

Raina is confused.

Former After School member and current singer, Raina just posted a screenshot of the hate DMs she recently received.

| @raina_57/Instagram

She’s even so confused by it that she asked her followers for an interpretation of what the DMs are actually saying.

Does anyone know why they’re doing this…?

— Raina

The netizen who sent Raina the DMs began provoking her right off the bat with all sorts of odd insults.

| @raina_57/Instagram

They first asked her why her name was Raina…

| @raina_57/Instagram

And then went on to ask if she was Japanese.

| @raina_57/Instagram

They even used curse words and messaged, “You’re like a middle-aged lady.

| @raina_57/Instagram

In response to the post, fellow former After School member, Jungah showed Raina her support by calling the netizen crazy.

I think they’re a little weird in the head. Let’s wait for them to come back to their senses.

— Jungah

On a recent episode of MBN‘s Miss Back, Raina revealed the extent of the hate messages she gets online.

| @raina_57/Instagram

When will all the hate stop?

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