Rapper Chillin Homie To Be Hospitalized For Depression And Panic Disorder

It’s due to the severe backlash he has been receiving.

It has been revealed that rapper Chillin Homie will be hospitalized for treatment.

| @chillinhomiethesavior/Instagram

Previously, the Show Me The Money rapper was under intense scrutiny for cursing out feminism in a live stream. During a Instagram live, the Groovl1n rapper called out feminists, calling them “feminist b****es.” He added fuel to the fire by angering VIXX fans by acknowledging that his words would impact his label’s founder, VIXX member Ravi, but continued on by also cursing out Ravi in the process.

Still of cursing Instagram Live | @chillinhomiethesavior/Instagram

While the rapper has since apologized for his remarks, the spew of hate comments on Chillin Homie’s social media accounts have become hard to ignore. Fans have expressed their concern for the rapper due to the sudden outpour of hate that Chillin Homie has been receiving. It has been revealed that the backlash has been effecting the rapper, as his label has recently stepped forward to update fans on his condition. Groovl1n revealed that Chillin Homie has plans to be hospitalized for depression and panic disorder.

On February 2nd, Chillin Homie made a hospital visit to receive a consultation regarding his health. He has plans to receive treatment. To focus on his treatment, he plans on being admitted into the hospital. We will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety and health of our artist’s mind and body.

— Groovl1n label representative

Rapper Chillin Homie | Groovl1n

We hope that Chillin Homie receives the proper care and treatment during this time.

Source: Insight