Rapper San E Accused of Being an “Nth Room” Participant Because of His Song Lyrics

“Which Nth Room was San E in?” – Netizen

In light of the shocking news surrounding “Nth Room” and the acts of sexual exploitation against underage girls that took place, rapper, San E is being accused of being one of the participants for one of his song lyrics.

In one online community, a netizen posted the lyrics to San E’s “Sour Grapes” from back in 2015 and highlighted the part that they believe suggests San E’s involvement in the infamous group.

The portion of the lyrics shown read, “Wanna make a compliment, you the best looking, we should add ‘Goddess’ in front of ur name.

And the portion of that is highlighted reads, “God God”, which is also the user name used by one of the main administrators that ran the “Nth Room” which sexually assaulted underage girls and shared videos documenting the crimes.

The netizen who accused San E of being one of the participants captioned the photo, “Which Nth Room was San E in?


And in response to the unfounded accusation, other netizens came to San E’s defense and argued that there is no connection whatsoever.

The administrator known as God God began his activities in Telegram starting in late 2018 according to police investigations.

Some of the comments left on the post include, “Does he want to get charged?“, “He didn’t think it through“, and “What were they thinking?

The post accusing San E has since then been taken down.

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