Here Is A Play By Play Of How VIXX’s Ravi Falsified His Medical Reports To Evade The Military, According To Korean Media

His broker gave him detailed instructions.

VIXX’s RAVI was recently under fire for his alleged involvement with an illegal military broker, identified as “Mr. Gu.” Last month, several media reports claimed that the rapper was suspected of having forged a medical history of epilepsy in cahoots with the broker to escape military duty. They also stated that the rapper had withdrawn from a variety show in May last year due to his military enlistment and then enlisted as a social service worker in October. He has since admitted to the charges.

A new media report on April 3, 2023, reported that Ravi had been in cahoots with his co-CEO Mr. A. In February 2021, Ravi and the co-CEO contacted Mr. Gu after searching for someone to help relieve another rapper, Nafla, of his military service. Mr. Gu had suggested that Nafla evade service because of his mental health worsening while suggesting that Ravi pretend he had epilepsy.

The co-CEO signed a contract with Mr. Gu on Ravi’s behalf, paying ₩50.0 million KRW (about $38,300 USD). They received a “falsifying epilepsy acting scenario” plan from Mr. Gu. Following this, Ravi suddenly pretended to faint and reported it to 119. As instructed by Mr. Gu, Ravi rejected treatment at the emergency unit at the hospital and requested neurological outpatient treatment. He then visited the doctor again the next day and explained his false symptoms, requesting an EEG test.

In April 2021, he visited the hospital for the results. However, the doctor in charge reported no abnormalities or symptoms and determined he did not need treatment. At this, Mr. Gu instructed Ravi to strongly request preventative treatment on the claim that “if symptoms occurred again, he would be severely stressed, and it would be the end of his music career.

Ravi received treatment and medicine up to June 2021, and received a medical certificate related to epilepsy. At this, Mr. Gu sent a text to Mr. A stating, “Good, he’s been exempted from the military.

The media report’s information stemmed from his lawsuit files from the case.

Source: Daum
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