Ravn Shares First Update Since Cheating And Gaslighting Allegations

It’s been nearly five months since the allegations.

In October 2022, shocking allegations about the now-former member of ONEUSRavn, were spread by an anonymous account claiming to be an ex-girlfriend.

Ravn | RBW

In a multiple-tweet Twitter thread, the anonymous user shared their alleged dating experience with the singer, stating that he cheated on the user multiple times and gaslit her into staying with him and spending money on him.

The user also included proof of her claims, including sound files and a video clip of Ravn allegedly coming to her door for several months.

A video posted by the OP allegedly showing Ravn waiting outside her door on multiple occasions over several months. | @oAKjan3BvAJjqld/Twitter

Following an investigation, it was announced Ravn would leave the group voluntarily. RBW shared that it will continue the investigation and that ONEUS would continue as a 5-member group.

Besides Ravn’s withdrawal, we have discovered false facts and malicious editing in articles related to Ravn as we plan to reveal the clear facts through litigation. In addition, strong legal action will be taken against indiscriminate and malicious slander against the company and the artists. Regardless of whether the post was true, we also feel responsible for the lack of artist management.


Since then, there have been no updates from Ravn or RBW regarding the scandal, although the alleged girlfriend has shared that she would be pursuing legal action.

| Lee Haeun

Ravn recently shared an update after nearly five months of silence.

The musician shared a single post on his previously abandoned Instagram account, @pls9ravn. The post shows two photos of what appears to be Ravn near a river and holding a camcorder.

| @pls9ravn/Instagram

| @pls9ravn/Instagram

The account Ravn posted on had not been used since 2017, so fans were surprised to see him posting there.

In addition to these photos, Ravn uploaded six songs and music videos to a YouTube account under his real name, 김영조 (Kim Youngjo), and to his SoundCloud account.

Clip from Ravn’s new song 살아보니 (Bye Bye Bye) | 김영조/YouTube

| 김영조/YouTube

As previously stated, RBW has not released statements on these allegations of Ravn’s future in the company.

A previous version did not include Ravn’s YouTube and Soundcloud posts.