Here’s The Real Reason Why BTS’s V Gave Suga ₩10,000 KRW At Incheon Airport

The theories were proved wrong!

Currently, BTS are in Las Vegas, Nevada, as they had attended The 2022 GRAMMYs and will soon perform four PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows.

Of course, whenever the members travel, they attract attention at the airport. But there was one particular moment from their recent trip that went viral.

BTS’s V (left) and Suga (right).

BTS’s V and Suga were the first to arrive at Incheon Airport for their flight to Las Vegas. After getting out of their vehicles, V approached Suga. Eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed V take a ₩10,000 KRW (about $8.20 USD) bill out of his pocket and gift it to a confused Suga.

The moment was particularly hilarious due to the random nature and Suga’s reaction. ARMYs wondered what the context was. So, they made up their own stories and dialogue for it.

The video went so viral that even Korean media covered the “transaction!”

V has now finally revealed the true story behind the viral moment! He answered ARMYs’ burning questions on Weverse earlier, and one was about none other than the ₩10,000 KRW (about $8.20 USD) bill! V revealed that it was not so serious; he just thought he might lose it, so he gave it to someone else.

| Weverse

ARMY: Please explain the airport manwon (10,000 krw) rumor

V: I had a manwon in my pocket, and knowing that I’ll probably lose it, I gave it to the first person I saw

This proves just how much he trusts his Suga hyung! Suga will forever be BTS’s financial manager since he’s very conscientious of money.

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| BTS/VLIVE via @sugatalus/Twitter
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| BTS/VLIVE via @sugatalus/Twitter
| BTS/VLIVE via @sugatalus/Twitter
| BTS/VLIVE via @sugatalus/Twitter

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Source: Weverse