Investigative Show Speaks Up On The Reason Why FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena Returned To ATTRAKT

They held an interview with ATTRAKT’s CEO.

It was recently reported that FIFTY FIFTY‘s Keena dropped her lawsuit against ATTRAKT and returned to the company. In response to this, Reporter’s Notes released their full interview with ATTRAKT’s CEO, Jeon Hong Jun.

The show covered the reason as to why Keena returned. Jeon Hong Jun claimed that she realized something was wrong when she found out that Ahn Sung Il was not an upright person. Ahn Sung Il reduced her copyright shares greatly, which broke the trust between Keena and him.

He advised her that she needed to come clean about everything that happened. He asked her to speak in front of a lawyer about this. Keena agreed, and they settled on talking at a later time.

She came to the office at 5pm on October 16. It was also the first time that I was seeing her in 5 months. I didn’t know what to say to her then. She looked in bad shape, both mentally and physically. She spent 4 to 5 months suffering in the darkness. So I kept things short. I told her this. “You have to take some time off to reflect, and you have to apologize deeply and sincerely on the other hand. Thirdly, you need to get a grip and speak in front of a lawyer about what happened all this while, accurately and without adjustments. That’s the only way I can figure out who lied to you guys and how. How they tempted you, and what mistakes were made… Let’s make time for a conversation.” She said okay to that. So we agreed to talk about what happened all this while, a day or two later.

— Jeon Hong Jun

Keena was concerned about the team. She wanted to stick with her group, but after this happened, she took the courage to return to ATTRAKT first. Jeon Hong Jun was thankful that Keena showed willingness to change through actions and not just words. As she dropped out of the case and came to the office, he felt her sincerity.

She was so tired. It was hard for her. That’s why I asked her this. “Keena, didn’t you feel that something was wrong with Ahn Sung Il?” She replied that she completely didn’t know that he falsified his school records, and reduced her copyright shares from 6.5% to 05.%. She began to not trust him because of that, and that was when she started to realize that he was not an upright person. They’re a team, and so all four of them have to come, but it’s become such that that cannot happen. Because they are thinking different thoughts. That’s why Keena took the courage first to come. That’s also a difficult decision.

— Jeon Hong Jun

Lastly, Jeon Hong Jun advised Keena to stay out of any places and situations that may lead her down the wrong path.

I told Keena, “you have to take some time to reflect on what you did wrong. I don’t know how long it will take, but you truly need to do that. Only then, will you be able to be reborn as a mature being. And there are also many things I did when I was young, that I am embarrassed to even think of now. That’s how humans mature, so next time, don’t go into any dark or humid places. When you feel like you have entered such places, it means that you’re placing yourself into a situation where something is definitely wrong. Don’t place your body and mind in such places.”

— Jeon Hong Jun

According to the show, although Keena had trusted Ahn Sung Il, their producer and the CEO of The Givers, the damage he did to her personally through the copyright share reduction and lying about his credentials had pushed her to make this decision. The lawsuit still continues between the remaining members and the company.