“Reborn Rich” Has Viewers Hooked In Just Two Episodes

Thank goodness we get three episodes per week!

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Actor Song Joong Ki’s new role in JTBC’s web novel-based K-Drama Reborn Rich has viewers hooked! This drama, which premiered on November 18, KST, has an interesting airing schedule in that it airs three times a week.

Recently, an online community board praised the new K-Drama for its fast-paced and thrilling fantasy plot only after two episodes! The series also premiered to the highest ratings of any JTBC drama this year, scoring an average nationwide rating of 6.1 percent. This also makes it the second-highest premiere ratings of any drama in JTBC history.

Many K-Netizens also agreed that the second episode showcased many viral scenes that set the show’s tone, garnering even more attention from viewers. Let’s look at some of the popular scenes from the second episode.

Actor Lee Sungmin showcased superb acting as the founder of Soonyang Group and Jin Do Joon’s grandfather.

Teen actor Kim Kang Hoon gained much attention for his ability to become more “Song Joong Ki” than Song Joong Ki himself.

Jin Do Joon’s scene of fully understanding his grandfather’s underlying message.

Jin Do Joon living every person’s dream of owning land that will go up in value in the future.

The famous last scene in episode two that had fans understanding why this series aired three times a week.

This new series has drama-watchers setting their alarms for the next episode!


  • “I’ve only watched a drama while it aired about five times, but I have the alarm notification on for this one.”
  • “It’s so fun. I dozed off watching episode one but I couldn’t breathe while watching episode two. I even rewatched episode one.”
  • “Episode one was good but episode two was so much fun. The actors’ acting and visuals were great too.”
  • “Wow this drama is so fun.”

All we can say is thank you to JTBC for trying the experimental three-episodes-per-week airing schedule!

Source: theqoo

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