Song Joong Ki’s Loveline In New Drama “Reborn Rich” Is Met With Mixed Reactions

“Having a loveline that isn’t in the original source never works out well.”

Audience members criticized the third episode of JTBC‘s Reborn Rich, stating it wasn’t as good as the drama’s first two episodes and that they weren’t feeling the loveline between Song Joong Ki and Shin Hyun Been‘s characters.

Earlier, we reported on the incredibly successful start of JTBC’s new drama Reborn Rich. The drama, which tells the story of a man who is reborn as the youngest son of a Chaebol or a conglomerate family has ensnared Korean audiences after its first week on air.

The drama, which has caused a stir after it was revealed that they would forego K-Drama norms by releasing three episodes per week instead of two, is already yielding results. The drama made news when, on November 21, it was revealed that the drama’s viewership rating had surpassed 10%.

The drama’s success hasn’t come without its detractors, however, as many audience members are objecting to the drama’s third episode.

In the episode, Song Joong Ki’s character (Jin Do Joon) starts attending law school, where he meets Shin Hyun Been’s character Seo Min Young. In Jin Do Joon’s past life, Seo Min Young is a prosecutor known as Soonyang Group’s grim reaper. In this life, however, Seo Min Young, who is a law student, shows a different side. The episode shows the two characters in a loveline.

Many netizens criticized the decision to add a loveline to the drama, with many stating that in the original webtoon, in which the drama is based, the loveline isn’t shown prominently.

Poster for Reborn Rich webtoon | webtoon

Rather than the loveline, netizens expressed that they wished the drama would focus on Song Joong Ki’s reincarnated character’s grandfather, Jin Yang Chul, who is played by revered actor Lee Sung Min. Many audiences compared the third episode to the second, in which Lee Sung Min’s character is portrayed more prominently.

  • “Just take out the loveline.”
  • “Please, the loveline is so boring.”
  • “Having a loveline that isn’t in the original source never works out well.”
  • “The loveline isn’t the greatest, but maybe it’s because I read the webtoons, but it’s fun.”
  • “I kept rewatching the second episode to watch Lee Sung Min’s acting, but the third episode… LOL. I just skipped through the scenes every ten seconds.”
  • “The third episode ruined the drama. I’m filtering out the loveline that doesn’t even work.”
  • “Lee Sung Min’s acting is what carries the drama. The drama’s fun only when he’s on. When he’s on, the drama feels like a movie. His acting is crazy.””

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Source: theqoo

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