Song Joong Ki’s New JTBC Drama “Reborn Rich” Has Surpassed This Elusive Milestone In Only Its Third Episode

The drama is a hit!

Song Joong Ki‘s new JTBC drama, Reborn Rich, has gotten off to a fast start, reaching the elusive 10% viewership rating in only its first week on air.

The drama revolves around Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joon Ki), who has been a loyal employee of Soonyang Group for over 10 years. He is betrayed and murdered by the group’s eldest son after finding an offshore account used by the group’s family to embezzle money, only to reincarnate as the youngest son of the group during the company’s rise to prominence decades earlier, where he proceeds to plot his revenge.

The drama has been receiving rave reviews from fans who praised the acting of Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min, who plays Song Joong Ki’s reincarnated character’s grandfather and founder of Soonyang Group.

The drama’s goodwill with fans has carried over to its ratings. On November 21, it was revealed that the drama’s third episode, which aired on November 20, had surpassed a viewership rating of 10%.

Viewership ratings for Reborn Rich per episode | Naver

This is significant as the drama reached the mark in its first week on air. For perspective, fellow viral hit drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo reached the 10% mark after episode 7 and its third week of airing.

Viewership ratings for Extraordinary Attorney Woo | Naver

Netizens reacted to the news, with many stating that the drama’s strong showing wasn’t surprising and that they believed the drama would continue raking in ratings. 

  • “It’s super fun.”
  • “Woah, what’s with the rating? I have to check it out.”
  • “The drama blew up.”
  • “The ratings are insane. I expect (the high ratings) to continue in future ratings.”
  • “It’s super fun… You should watch with measured expectations, though, as not every episode can be great.”

Have you started watching Reborn Rich? If not, you can check out the drama’s trailer in the link below!

Source: theqoo

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