Reborn Rich

Song Joong Ki’s Reaction To The Extras While Filming “Reborn Rich” Showcases His True Personality
Then actor worked with many different extras on the show!
Song Joong Ki’s K-Drama “Reborn Rich” Comes Under Fire For An Allegedly “Disrespectful” Representation Of Istanbul
While some believe it’s due to the time settings, others have criticized the details.
Song Joong Ki’s Loveline In New Drama “Reborn Rich” Is Met With Mixed Reactions
“Having a loveline that isn’t in the original source never works out well.”
Song Joong Ki’s New JTBC Drama “Reborn Rich” Has Surpassed This Elusive Milestone In Only Its Third Episode
The drama is a hit!
“Reborn Rich” Teen Actor Kim Kang Hoon Acts More Like “Song Joong Ki” Than Song Joong Ki Himself
He was born to act!
“Reborn Rich” Has Viewers Hooked In Just Two Episodes
Thank goodness we get three episodes per week!
ATEEZ’s Jongho Sings The OST For Song Joong Ki’s New Drama, “Reborn Rich”
His voice is beautifully haunting!
“Reborn Rich” Actress Goes Viral For Her Uncanny Resemblance To An IRL Korean Chaebol Woman
Everything about Mo Hyun Min screams RICH!
Actor Song Joong Ki Gains Criticism From Korean Netizens At The “Reborn Rich” Press Conference For His Questionable Choice Of Pants
” He still is handsome despite his ugly clothes…”