“Reborn Rich” Teen Actor Kim Kang Hoon Acts More Like “Song Joong Ki” Than Song Joong Ki Himself

He was born to act!

JTBC’s newest series, Reborn Rich, featuring Song Joong Ki, Lee Sungmin, and more, has started off with a bang! This thrilling fantasy story has garnered much attention worldwide and has received the second-highest premiere ratings of any drama in JTBC history.

With just two episodes released, the show has already gone viral for the superb acting shown by the cast. In particular, teen actor Kim Kang Hoon has proven his potential as an actor with his acting that was more Song Joong Ki-like than Song Joong Ki himself!

A particular scene in the second episode two gained much attention online for Kim’s ability to execute Song’s unique expressions and speech in the show.

Fans couldn’t stop talking about his stellar performance!

K-Netizens were also left speechless after watching the most recent episode.

  • “I’d believe it if you told me that was Song Joong Ki when he was younger. His unique expressions and speech are so similar..how is this child actor so good acting..calm down boy!”
  • “I was in shock the whole time I watched the show yesterday. He is so good.”
  • “Kang Hoon is so talented.”
  • “When he says [line from drama] he was really just like Song Joong Ki. I was shook after watching it yesterday.”

All in all, this kids got a bright future ahead of him, that’s for sure!

Source: theqoo

Reborn Rich

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