Song Joong Ki’s K-Drama “Reborn Rich” Is Full Of Unexpected BTS References

They are seen throughout the series!

It seems as if each month, there is a new K-Drama taking the world by storm and gaining attention from global fans. Recently, one of the hottest shows has to be Reborn Rich, starring actor Song Joong Ki.

“Reborn Rich” poster | JTBC

Although the series has ended, the show has continued to gain the attention of fans worldwide.

Song Joong Ki in “Reborn Rich” | @kdramatreats/Twitter
| @kdramatreats/Twitter

Yet, as the series has come to an end, eagle-eyed netizens realized that there had been unexpected references to BTS.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

During one of the episodes, some of the characters were talking about the state of international films and the fact they are normally snubbed if they’re not English.

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Character Jin Hyung Jun (played by Kang Ki Doong) then showcased how impossible the popularity of a Korean film internationally would be by adding, “If that day comes, a Korean song might even reach Billboard’s Top 100.”

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Of course, alongside what seemed like a reference to the popular movie Parasite, many explained that it was a distinct reference to BTS.

While groups like the Wonder Girls and artists like PSY made the charts in their careers, in 2020, BTS became the first Korean act to top the chart with their hit song “Dynamite.”

When the scene was brought back by an ARMY…

The comments were filled with fans loving the indirect reference to the group during the episode.

It isn’t even the first time the members have made an unexpected cameo in the series. During the series, the show seemingly had references to the members through the names of the characters.

Along with the likes of Jin (which is Song Joong Ki’s character’s English name) and Yoongi (his father was given Suga‘s real name), one of the scenes shows Song Joong Ki at a university campus.

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When he met some fellow students, ARMYs were shocked that two of the characters introduced themselves as Kim Taehyung (V‘s real name) and Jimin.

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Many even believed that one of the characters was based on HYBE CEO Bang Si Hyuk. Jin Hyun Joon is one of the heirs to the Soon Yang Group.

The character is more interested in pop music and is often seen singing and dancing. In a recent episode, the drama revealed that Jin Hyun Joon would later go on to found an entertainment company called Mega Hit Entertainment.

Jin Hyung Joon (left) is shown as CEO of Mega Hit Ent. Song Joong Ki (right) | JTBC

With so many references, it seems impossible not to think that there might be a writer who is an ARMY that wanted to show their love for BTS.

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