“Reborn Rich” Actress Goes Viral For Her Uncanny Resemblance To An IRL Korean Chaebol Woman

Everything about Mo Hyun Min screams RICH!

JTBC‘s new webnovel-based K-Drama Reborn Rich, featuring Song Joong Ki as the male lead, premiered November 18 KST, and—with its experimental three-episodes-per-week airing schedule—the show has already captivated viewers worldwide.

“Reborn Rich” | @jtbcdrama/Instagram

A thrilling fantasy genre, Reborn Rich follows the vengeful struggles of the character Yoon Hyun Woo who gets framed for embezzlement and murdered—only to be brought back to life in the 1980s in the body of Jin Do Joon, a wealthy conglomerate Soonyang Group’s youngest son.

Song Joong Ki in “Reborn Rich” | @jtbcdrama/Instagram

Returning to the screen for the first time since 2021’s Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki showed strong faith in the director and the scriptwriter putting together the show of what was initially dubbed a “cliché” plot using the regression trope. During the premiere press conference, Song Joong Ki explained that he “worked with scriptwriter Kim Tae Hee before” and so “[had] faith in the writer, and the plot was so well-woven.” The actor’s confidence in taking part in Reborn Rich built high anticipation among K-Drama lovers.

Unlike other series with this concept, which focuses on the character’s background and story, ‘Reborn Rich’ weaves in major events of Korea’s history, which occurred throughout the 1980s. What makes this series interesting is that you will get to see some of the important incidents.

— Director Jung Dae Yoon

It is, however, actress Park Ji Hyun who caught the attention of the viewers.

Park Ji Hyun | @NAMOOACTORS2004/Twitter

As the character Mo Hyun Min, Soonyang Group’s daughter-in-law, Park Ji Hyun “trended” in Korean online communities following the first two episodes…

…for her uncanny resemblance to an actual South Korean conglomerate Samsung‘s oldest daughter!

Park Ji Hyun in “Reborn Rich” | @zero-gif/Tistory

Lee Boo Jin, the president and chief executive of Seoul’s prestigious Hotel Shilla, is a billionaire  business woman of the Samsung empire—well known to the Korean public not only for her huge success as one of Forbes‘s “Most Powerful Women” in the world, but also for her unmistakable “chaebol” (wealthy family) style.

Lee Boo Jin | Yonhap

From the “iconic” voluminous hairstyle…

Park Ji Hyun 

Lee Boo Jin

…to certain stern-but-elegant facial expressions…

Lee Boo Jin  

Park Ji Hyun

…Reborn Rich viewers can’t unsee the similarities between Park Ji Hyun’s portrayal of Mo Hyun Min and Lee Boo Jin!

Lee Boo Jin (left) and Park Ji Hyun (right) | YTN & JTBC

Viewers shared infinite praise for the actress’s apparent hard work that went into creating a believable conglomerate character. Some, surprised to realize that Park Ji Hyun is also the actress behind Seo Sae Yi in Yumi’s Cells, also complimented her versatility.

| theqoo

  • “Even [Park Ji Hyun’s] facial expressions remind me of [Lee Boo Jin].”
  • “[Park] must have referenced a lot of things from [Lee].”
  • “How fascinating! [Park] is incredible at styling herself to all her characters.”
  • “You can tell her acting’s on point even from these screenshots.”
  • Sigh. Park Ji Hyun is so gorgeous. Something about her stern, cold ‘ice princess’ aura really works for this character, too.”
  • “Whoa, this is on point! LOL. The resemblance is uncanny.”
  • “[Park] looks like she’d own a hotel or two.”
  • “I was looking up who Park Ji Hyun is. I was caught off guard because that’s Sae Yi from ‘Yumi’s Cells.’ Like, WTH? What a difference styling can make!”
  • “Yep, I was reminded of [Lee] right away. Haha.”
  • “[Park] looks like she should be at Hotel Shilla.”
Source: The Korea Times and theqoo

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