33-Year-Old Idol Goes Viral For Blending In With 5th Gen Idols

They are half her age!

Various 4th and 5th gen idol groups recently performed at Inkigayo, including BABYMONSTER and STAYC. However, the MC gained attention for blending right in!

BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon | @sbsnoriter/Twitter

Red Velvet‘s Irene is 33 years old, making her around double the average age of BABYMONSTER (a little over 17 years old). However, her visuals don’t lose — In fact, she looks like she blends right in!

image (11)
BABYMONSTER and Irene | SBS Inkigayo

The same thing also happened as she stood next to STAYC, looking like she could easily join the group.

image (12)
STAYC and Irene | SBS Inkigayo

Netizens gushed over her beauty as she looked like she could fit right in with both 4th and 5th gen idol groups.

As an MC, she showed off her gorgeous visuals…

…and served all the princess vibes!

It’s no wonder Irene is considered one of the top visuals in all of K-Pop!

| SBS Inkigayo
Source: Nate Pann

Red Velvet

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