Red Velvet’s Joy Slammed For Feminist T-Shirt – Other Moments She Didn’t Give A F*ck And Was A Whole Feminist Icon

A total queen.

On the 19th of August, Red Velvet‘s Joy updated her Instagram with a rockin’ series of photos of her in a chic black pantsuit. The suit was given a casual spin as she wore a white t-shirt inside the jacket and kept her hair loose.

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However, all hell broke loose when people realized that her shirt was one released by Dior, with a feminist slogan, “We Should All Be Feminists”. The shirt ha been rocked by many other artists, including Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Hyuna.

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As Red Velvet has been involved in other feminist “controversies” as well, some male fans were quick to slam her with comments such as “she’s too selfish as it affects the other members’ image” and “feminists like her think they’re woke and everyone else who doesn’t support feminism is ignorant”. Despite this, Joy continued to leave the posts up. Here are 3 other moments she didn’t give a f*ck and said feminist and proud!

1. When she liked a post on a feminist book

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Last year, she made headlines when male fans criticized her for liking a post on Instagram made about a feminist book. The book, A Good Day To Be Alone by Kwak Jeong Eun, is about women and the challenges they face during marriage. It’s not the first time a Red Velvet member has faced criticism over feminist literature – Irene reading Kim Ji-young, Born In 1982 also received flak.

2. When she told off a male panelist

Something that happened earlier in her career, Joy told off a male panelist on a show for saying that cutie-sexy is an oxymoron. Joy, who is known for her duality, would of course have something to say!

3. When she went off on a patriarchal man who abused his wife

On Hello Counselor, the girls of Red Velvet were guests who had to listen to the concerns of the people. When a woman confessed that she was being verbally and emotionally abused by her husband, Joy got emotional and upset on her behalf, even asking the man to consider how he would feel if his daughters ended up in the same situation as his wife later on in life. Catch the full episode subbed in English above.

Not only does she stand up for female and equal rights, she also proves she has a kind heart! Joy spends her free time volunteering for dog shelters and she has also previously donated for the coronavirus medical staff in February. A true queen.

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