Red Velvet’s Joy Playfully Teases Fans Over Cat Theories In Her Latest Instagram Post

Joy knows we’re struggling over here 😩

In her latest Instagram post, Red Velvet‘s Joy referenced the question that has been on ReVeluvs‘ minds since the first teaser for their comeback came out: who is the cat?!

A white cat’s tail appears in the first “Queens Archive” video. | Red Velvet/YouTube 

The group has released individual member teasers for their comeback. One connecting piece throughout all the members’ “Queens Archive” videos is the appearance of a white cat!

Irene in her “Queens Archive” video. | Red Velvet/YouTube 

Joy posted some stunning photos of her on set for her “Queens Archive” video with the caption: “Do I have the face of a cat…? 😏


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Her caption is a reference to a famous line from the 2013 Korean film The Face Reader. The traitorous brother to the king, played by Lee Jung Jae, asks the face reader, “So tell me, do I have the face of a king?”

The famous line from The Face Reader (2013). | KoreanFilmBiz KoBiz/YouTube 

ReVeluvs have been obsessively theorizing over who the cat is and what roles each member plays. Did Wendy release the cats? Is Yeri oblivious to the magic? Are these all one cat?

The final shot in Joy’s teaser shows a cat appearing in her place. | Red Velvet/YouTube 

Fans think that Joy’s caption basically confirms she lurks online and sees all the theories running through ReVeluvs’ minds!

There’s only two more promotional videos left for Queens Mystic General Store, so fans will have to wait until then for answers!

Source: Youtube and Instagram

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