Reporter Claims Roy Kim Is Completely Innocent In Relations To Jung Joon Young’s Chatrooms

She shared a fact the public never knew.

A reporter on Channel A‘s investigative program Rumor Has It shared that Roy Kim is actually innocent in relations to the accusations made against him for participating in Jung Joon Young‘s chatrooms.

The latest broadcast of Rumor Has It addressed celebrities that disappeared from the entertainment industry due to a controversy, and Roy Kim was one of the celebrities discussed. TVDaily reporter Kim Ji Hyun shared a piece of information that was never released to the public prior, one which could have led to Roy Kim’s innocence.

Roy Kim was one of the celebrities investigated for spreading obscene material. This is a story that has never been made public in the media. Roy Kim was part of a fishing chatroom with Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghoon. Like, a chatroom that really was meant for catching fish.

— Kim Ji Hyun

Kim Ji Hyun continued, sharing that Roy Kim did not share any images on purpose, but to let the others in the chatroom know that the specific image was photo shopped.

At the time of the obscene photo being sent in the chatroom by another member, Roy Kim took a screenshot of a blog post, and stated that the person in question in the picture was not correct, but the media made it seem like he was sharing that photo with the group.

Roy Kim just wanted to let the chatroom members know that the picture was photo shopped, and wasn’t intending to spread obscene material. He wasn’t punished at the time, but the fact that he was even subject to investigation tanked his image overnight. So he is not promoting anymore right now, but I just hope everyone gets to know this behind-the-scenes story.

— Kim Ji Hyun

Back in April 2019, Roy Kim’s name surfaced in investigations for Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms after it was revealed he was in a chatroom where illegally filmed videos were being distributed. Shortly after the news broke out, reports surfaced that his father apologized for his son’s actions. Roy Kim, along with several others, admitted to spreading lewd content, however, a lawyer claimed that Roy Kim was facing unfair circumstances against him, for just being associated with Jung Joon Young.

Source: MyDaily and Sports Today