Reporter Explains Why Son Naeun Is The True “Victim” In The Apink Comeback Controversy 

She’s been receiving backlash for being unable to join the girl group for their comeback.

Veteran girl group Apink made their highly anticipated comeback on February 14 with their track “Horn,” and it is being well-received by both fans and non-fans alike. Despite the ongoing success, however, there was one “letdown” about this Apink comeback—and it involved member Son Naeun.

Apink’s promotional photo for “HORN” | IST Entertainment

Apink has been promoting as 5-members ever since their comeback activities began due to the ongoing scheduling conflict between their comeback schedule and Son Naeun’s K-Drama filming schedule—and this has been met with extreme backlash. As Naeun continues to receive criticisms from the public, entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho uploaded a video that detailed the alleged truth about why Naeun was unable to join the rest of her members.

Apink without Son Naeun at a “HORN” showcase | IST Entertainment

The reporter began by diving into the start of the entire situation, which was when Apink announced their plans for a special 10-year anniversary comeback—including Naeun who left Play M Entertainment (now IST Entertainment) for YG Entertainment.

Entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho | @연예뒤통령이진호/YouTube

Back on January 17, Apink’s label IST Entertainment shared an official announcement. They stated, ‘For Apink’s special 10-year anniversary album, we wanted to promote as a full 6-member group. However, due to a sudden schedule adjustment, Apink will promote as 5-members minus the album jacket and music video filming starting February.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho @연예 뒤통형이진호/YouTube

Lee Jin Ho followed up with his introduction by stating that ever since IST Entertainment’s statement, Naeun became the target of extreme criticisms due to her inability to join the rest of her members.

Son Naeun | @연예뒤통령이진호/YouTube

So as a conclusion, they basically shared that because of Son Naeun’s scheduling conflicts, she was unable to join. After their official statement, however, Son Naeun was met with extreme backlash.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho @연예 뒤통형이진호/YouTube

Before he revealed the alleged real reason behind Son Naeun’s sudden scheduling conflict, Lee Jin Ho made sure to share all aspects of the news—including the inconveniences she brought to the rest of her Apink members.

Did Son Naeun bring inconvenience to her other members with the decision to not participate in the promotions? Yes, she did. The members definitely were inconvenienced.

Back in December, Apink recorded their track and filmed their music video as a full group. With Son Naeun’s sudden inability to join the promotions, the group had to rearrange their choreography and re-record some parts of the song.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho @연예 뒤통형이진호/YouTube

The reporter, however, also included Son Naeun’s continuing efforts to partake in Apink promotions before their comeback, such as their fan-meetings and the music video filming for “Horn.” Lee Jin Ho also made sure to touch on the ongoing criticisms that alleged Son Naeun’s desire to leave Apink following her label transfer to YG Entertainment.

Apink at their 10-year anniversary fan meeting.

As I mentioned before, Son Naeun participated in the filming of the group’s music video. Back in December, she also attended the fan-meeting for the group’s 10 year anniversary. If she had no desire to join her members, this wouldn’t have happened.

A lot of complaints have been circulating, stating things such as ‘This problem only happened after Son Naeun departed to YG Entertainment.’ Honestly, this is true. It becomes difficult to promote when you’re under a different agency. However, in Son Naeun’s case, this isn’t the only factor.

While this comeback album was labeled as Apink’s 10-year anniversary album, it came out during their 11th year anniversary. This is what we need to focus on.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho @연예 뒤통형이진호/YouTube

It was here that the entertainment reporter shared the real reason behind Son Naeun’s decision—and it allegedly involved Chorong‘s previous bullying controversy.

Lee Jin Ho talking about Chorong’s controversy.

So why did they delay their album by a year and release it in February 2022, a year after their 10-year anniversary? The reason was because of Park Chorong’s bullying scandal back in April 2021. This went public last year when bullying controversies rocked the entertainment industry.

– Reporter Lee Jin Ho @연예 뒤통형이진호/YouTube

Lee Jin Ho explained how Son Naeun ended up becoming a victim during the controversy and why the schedule conflict is truly not her issue. The reporter shared that the Apink member continuously “altered her schedule” to match the group’s comeback schedule—which ended up getting delayed.

One of the biggest victims during this time was Son Naeun. The reason why Son Naeun chose YG Entertainment over her former agency was to transition into becoming an actress. During a time when Son Naeun was choosing productions, she altered her schedule continuously to match with Apink’s.

During a time when Apink’s comeback wasn’t happening like scheduled, she decided to appear in different productions. It’s been reported that Son Naeun received many casting offers from different production companies.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho @연예 뒤통형이진호/YouTube

Due to the group’s ongoing delays regarding their comeback, Son Naeun couldn’t push back offers and wait forever, which is the exact reason why her recent K-Drama appearance coincided with Apink’s comeback schedule.

Son Naeun previously promised to participate in a full group Apink comeback and placed a big importance on Apink’s comeback. With that said, this meant that she had to reject the many casting offers sent to her during this time. Because of Park Chorong’s controversy, however, the comeback schedule continued to get delayed.

She finally decided on a production after the ongoing situation, but it unfortunately ended up conflicting with Apink’s comeback promotions. YG Entertainment, Son Naeun’s agency, couldn’t keep waiting for Apink’s upcoming comeback schedule.

In Son Naeun’s position, she kept having to put everything on hold. Which is how the concluding decision for both parties to do their own schedules came to be.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho @연예 뒤통형이진호/YouTube

Lee Jin Ho concluded his report by revealing what Son Naeun said to all of the haters telling her to leave Apink.

Ever since Son Naeun joined YG Entertainment back in April 2021, there were many comments suggesting that she leave Apink for good. However, it was reported that Son Naeun’s love and affection for Apink was strong. She rejected the suggestions by stating, ‘How can I leave the very group who made me who I am?’

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho @연예 뒤통형이진호/YouTube

Son Naeun has been busy promoting as an actress under YG Entertainment ever since her big move in April 2021. Ever since, the Apink member has been MIA from many Apink related events and broadcasts, which led to many speculations about her future with the girl group. However, with the news of the girl group’s 6-member comeback, they assured all of their concerned fans.

Son Naeun.

Not too long after they confirmed their full group comeback plans, Son Naeun’s agency shared an official statement revealing the conflicting schedules with Apink’s comeback promotions and Son Naeun’s K-Drama filming schedule. This resulted in Son Naeun’s decision to sit out for Apink’s 10-year comeback promotional activities.

| IST Entertainment

This news was met with extreme backlash, as fans called out the Apink member for neglecting the girl group and putting her acting promotions over the group’s special comeback. Ever since, she has remained relatively quiet and out of the spotlight as she focused her energy on her K-Drama, Ghost Doctor.

Son Naeun in “Ghost Doctor” | tvN
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