International RIIZE Fans Defend Seunghan Amid Koreans Demanding His Withdrawal

Korean fans and international fans stand entirely divided.

Ever since his “smoking video” was revealed to the public, RIIZE‘s Seunghan has been facing some intense criticism from Korean fans.

RIIZE’s Seunghan | @riize_official/Twitter

In fact, a Korean hashtag has since trended on X (Twitter), demanding Seunghan to remove himself from the group.

| X (Twitter)

Trending in South Korea

— “Trending in South Korea” on X

These fans, based in Korea, insist Seunghan is “harming the group” with his controversies—including the previous ones like his alleged girlfriend pictures and private livestream leaks.

Netizens Call For RIIZE’s Seunghan To Withdraw From The Group Following Various Controversies

Following the hashtag, international RIIZE fans have come to Seunghan’s defense. Seunghan (and RIIZE) fans from all over the world criticized Korea’s “cancelling mentality,” over nothing.

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Some have also pointed out that Seunghan is a victim, too, as the leaked pictures, videos, and messages are all violating his right to have a personal life.

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Against the fierce backlash from Korean fans, international fans have begun trending supportive hashtags for Seunghan. Some have shared handwritten messages for the idol, assuring him that he is loved “just the way [he is]” and that his fans “will always be by [his] side.”

In the meantime, neither SM Entertainment nor Seunghan has responded to the growing criticism in Korea.

Source: theqoo