RM Confirms BTS’s Contract Renewal With BIGHIT MUSIC With A Surprising Instagram Update

ARMYs are touched by the gesture.

According to reports on September 20, KST, all seven members of BTS have renewed their exclusive artist contracts with BIGHIT MUSIC.

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The news comes as a surprise for ARMYs since the tenure of the group’s last contract is yet to be over. However, early renewals are not new for the group. BTS’s first contract with BIGHIT was tenured from 2013 to 2020. But they renewed their contract much in advance, in 2018.

BTS’s 2018 release, “IDOL” | BIGHIT MUSIC

The second contract would have expired in 2025, the year all BTS members are supposed to return from their mandatory military service. But they have again renewed two years in advance, ensuring their future as a group.

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Additionally, reports state that BIGHIT MUSIC donated ₩1.00 billion KRW (about $754,000 USD) to UNICEF Korea as a thankful gesture to BTS and ARMY to commemorate this renewal. The donation was made through BTS’s LOVE MYSELF campaign, which commenced in 2017.

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While contract renewals in K-Pop can often be elusive, ARMYs didn’t have to wait for media outlets to break the news to them. RM took the lead and posted a snippet of the contract document on his Instagram. He followed it up with another story dedicated to ARMYs, implying that the reunion everyone is looking forward to in 2025 is all secured.

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| @rkive/Instagram

While the unexpected news of the renewal was already a treat for fans, they are even more grateful that RM thought of sharing it with them directly and provided the assurance they never realized they needed!

Source: News1