Rookie Actor Gives The Most Chaotic-AF Acceptance Speech At The “2022 KBS Drama Awards”

The award was unexpected—CLEARLY! 😂

On December 31 (KST), at the 2022 KBS Drama Awards, rookie actor Yang Byung Yeol accepted his Excellence Award for his role in the K-Drama Bravo, My Life. And during his acceptance speech, Yang was chaotic: His panic-filled moment on stage has gone viral among K-Drama fans!

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Though he debuted in 2015 with a web drama and has been appearing in various series with leading and supporting roles, Yang only rose to stardom recently as the male lead Kang Cha Yeol of Bravo, My Life.

And so the Excellence Award, celebrating the biggest accomplishment in his career thus far, caught the actor “off guard.”

Yang started with an audible gasp. He then proceeded to confess(?) that he got braces before the awards show because he, for certain, did not expect to be coming on stage.

(Gasp) Wow! There’s a lot of people in the audience! (Nervous sigh) Um… Hello, I’m Yang Byung Yeol. Er… So, I didn’t… I was not expecting to win something tonight. So I got braces…? (Laughs)

— Yang Byung Yeol

After catching himself rambling a couple more times and making the audience laugh…

Um… So, first of all, I’m grateful for this award. I… I would like to thank the director and the scriptwriter for Bravo, My Life. And, uh…

I didn’t think I’d be getting an award. I mean, I even went and got braces… Gosh, I have no idea what I’m saying!

I appreciate co-star Nam Sang Ji. Thanks for… Um… (Panics) I would also like to thank npio‘s CEO and director! Managers, too. I appreciate them all.

— Yang Byung Yeol

…Yang promised to become a better actor—with perfect teeth at that!

When I started shooting the 120 episodes of Bravo, My Life, I was terrified. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to push through all of the episodes. I had a lot of doubts. But the director told me to trust him. That gave me a lot of confidence. Thanks to his encouraging words, I was able to complete the series.

Bravo, My Life has taught me that I’m lacking. And because I was lacking, I know that I was a burden to the production team and other co-stars. I would like to do better next time. So until then, I’ll… Take care these braces and become a more prepared actor. I promise to put the best foot forward.

Oh! And as for my parents, brother, grandmother, and other family members watching at home! Thank you!

— Yang Byung Yeol

K-Drama fans have fallen in love with Yang’s chaotic-good vibes and can’t wait to see more of him on television in 2023!

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  • “He must be telling the truth, haha.”
  • “I’ve never seen him before, but I can tell he’s a good person.”
  • “What a great voice he has! He’s nervous, but still so eloquent. Wishing him the best!”
  • “He’s such a rookie, it’s adorable.”
  • “Wow, nice braces! Haha. He looks great with the braces, too. Go get’em!”
  • “So cute, LOL.”
  • “Oh, he’s the same age as I am. Haha. He’s a cutie.”
  • “What a cute and handsome man!”
  • “Wait, isn’t this the boyfriend from DAY6’s MV?”
  • “Wahaha! I can feel how nervous he is…! Such a cutie.”
  • “WHY AM I SHAKING WITH HIM? LOL. I was nervous watching him be nervous.”
  • “He has a wonderful voice, haha.”
  • “SO CUTE!”
  • “He’s cute.”
  • “Chaotic-AF. Hahaha!”

Watch his whole speech here.

Source: theqoo
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