Rookie K-Pop Idol Allegedly Gets Exposed Smoking With A Woman…Again

The first time was right after his debut.

A rookie boy group member recently got “exposed” smoking with a woman again.

n.SSign is a ten-member boy group under n.CH Entertainment formed through the survival show Stars Awakening. The group made their official debut on August 9 with “Wormhole.

n.SSign | New Star

In September 2023, an anonymous account alleged that member Junhyeok was caught “clubbing” and smoking right after the group’s debut. The account also accused him of being at a “hunting bar.”

Junhyeok | @nSSign_official/X

A Rookie Boy Group Member Gets Exposed Clubbing And Smoking Right After Debut

Recently, the idol was allegedly “exposed” for smoking with a woman again.

On February 7, an account on X shared three photos they alleged were Junhyeok. The first photo showed the person alleged to be the idol out at night, and according to the photo’s data and the OP, the image was taken on January 1 in Hongdae.

The second and third photos allegedly show Junhyeok outside with a cigarette in his hand, talking to a second person identified as a woman.

The person in the photo has colored hair that matches the auburn shade of Junhyeok’s hair in nSSign’s teaser photos for their upcoming album release, Happy &

| @nSSign_official/X
| @nSSign_official/X

Junhyeok is an adult, meaning he is free to do as he pleases, something that most international fans support. However, as seen in other cases, domestic fans can often feel very differently.