“Dating Secretly” — “Running Man” Cast Tease Jeon So Min About Her Global Star “Boyfriend”

The cast members hope to see him appear on the show.

Running Man‘s Jeon So Min has never shied away from joking about her romantic life.

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Throughout the popular show, Jeon So Min has not only shared actual stories from her dating history but also played up her “love line” with cast member Yang Se Chan and playfully admired celebrity guests.

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Now, in a recent episode of Running Man, Jeon So Min opened up about a “secret relationship” she’s in with a global star.

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The recent episode focused on the cast members supporting South Korea in the World Cup. In the episode, “Player 9” captured the hearts of the Running Man cast just like he did many netizens.

Footballer Cho Gue Sung | TikTok

During the World Cup, “Player 9,” Cho Gue Sung, has continually gone viral for his handsome visuals and “sassy” personality.

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When talking about the players before the match, Haha was surprised by the “slow-motion replay of” Cho Gue Sung, and Kim Jong Kook showed off his knowledge of the football star.

Kim Jong Kook: Cho Gue Sung used to be a center-back. A defender.

Haha: Really?

Kim Jong Kook: But he became a forward when he got into college. He makes good headers.

As Haha and Kim Jong Kook talked about Cho Gue Sung, Jeon So Min immediately chimed in with an unexpected reveal.

Jeon So Min: What? He’s my boyfriend. Did you not know?

Of course, the cast got a good laugh out of the joke, and Jeon So Min playfully assured them that they are “dating secretly.”

Haha: He’s really popular.

Jeon So Min: We’re dating secretly.

Haha: Really?

Before confirming what the cast and viewers suspected, that the two were only dating “in [Jeon So Min’s] heart.”

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Still, the cast agreed that they would love to have Cho Gue Sung appear as a guest on the show, which would undoubtedly lead to some entertaining interactions with Jeon So Min’s “boyfriend.

Jeon So Min: Is he joining Running Man?

Haha: And he will join Running Man.

Jeon So Min: I hope he’ll be here.

And, of course, the cast kept up the joke throughout the episode.

Haha: So Min, did Cho Gue Sung call you before the game today?

Jeon So Min: With his heart. Telepathically.

Yoo Jae Suk: So Min can’t say he did. Cho Gue Sung is really popular now.

Ji Suk Jin: She might get criticized. She doesn’t want to be in trouble.

Jeon So Min and Haha | sNack!/YouTube 

Haha even made sure to ask Jeon So Min if she was okay when Cho Gue Sung got elbowed in the game.

Haha: Are you okay, So Min? Are you okay? Are you crying?

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You can read more about Cho Gue Sung here.

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You can watch a clip of the recent episode here.

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