Ballet Dancer Maria Khoreva Expresses Admiration For LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha And Kazuha Responds

She danced to “ANTIFRAGILE”.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha is known for her history as a ballet dancer before she became a K-Pop idol. One of the last members to join the debut team, Kazuha was training to be a ballet dancer in Europe when she was confirmed to be a part of the debut group.

Kazuha as a ballet dancer.

Thanks to her strong ballet background, she’s able to incorporate ballet moves and core strength into her K-Pop performances. Her day was recently made when famous Russian ballet dancer and first soloist of the Mariinsky Ballet, Maria Khoreva, improvised to LE SSERAFIM’s latest song, “ANTIFRAGILE”.

Maria posted the clip on her Instagram.

| @marachok/Instagram


She reinterpreted the song through classical ballet moves.

| @marachok/Instagram 

She made sure to end off with the trademark “ANTIFRAGILE” pose.

| @marachok/Instagram

Kazuha was alerted to the news and made sure to express her gratitude with a post. She thanked Maria for her efforts.

Maria was inspired by Kazuha herself to do the dance.

She even called Kazuha a “queen“.

Maria was equally as thrilled to receive a shoutout from the star.

We love this wholesome support between the OG ballet girlies!


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