Sandara Park Dishes On Her Ideal Type Of Man, Revealing Three Of Her Iconic Celebrity Crushes

She definitely seems to have a specific type of guy she likes!

In the world of K-Pop, although the topic of dating can still be seen as taboo, it doesn’t stop idols from talking about it and sharing their thoughts. Recently, 2NE1′s Sandara Park shared not only her ideal type of man but the Korean celebrities who match that.

2NE1’s Sandara Park | @daraxxi/Instagram

On Sep 28th, Sandara Park appeared in an episode of Ladies With No Appetite alongside YouTuber Pungja and actress Park So Hyun. During the video, they chatted about their eating and drinking habits.

At one point, Pungja asked the guests when they actually drank. Sandara made everyone laugh when she cutely replied, “Drinking is when I first date someone…”

She then joked that Park So Hyun always tells her off for lying but reinforced, “I dated people, for real.” Even Pungja, who said that she had mutual friends with Sandara, joked that she hadn’t ever heard or seen the veteran idol with a boyfriend.

On the topic of dating, it was time to get to serious questions as Pungja asked Sandara what her ideal type was when it came to me.

Sandara already seemed to be giddy when talking about her dating life, and she instantly had an iconic answer to her ideal type. Without hesitation, the idol explained, “My type is someone younger than me that’s cute and tough.”

Naturally, Pungja wanted to know Sandara’s celebrity crushes to see if they matched her ideal type. At first, Sandara seemed reluctant to share the names of her celebrity crushes. Luckily, Pungja and Park So Hyun persuaded her, adding, “It’s not like we’re going to introduce them to you.”

Like many K-Drama fans, Sandara Park revealed that her celebrity crush who is close to her types are actor Won Bin and Jung Hae In.

Park So Hyun also pointed out that when it came to visuals, someone like SF9‘s Rowoon was also Sandara’s type. Sandara agreed, saying that those three were the kind of men that are everyone’s type.

Although Rowoon is an idol, he also joins the trend that shows that Sandara seems to like men who are actors. It is also noted that she might also have a preference for those at FNC Entertainment which is home to both Rowoon and Jung Hae In.

SF9’s Rowoon | @ewsbdi/Instagram

Actor Jung Hae In | @holyhaein/Instagram

Actor Won Bin

Each of the three men is also extremely tall and dashing whether they, so it isn’t surprising she picked them as they are leading men in every way.



Although they might just be celebrity crushes that fit her idea type, there are probably so many netizens with exactly the same crushes as Sandara.

You can read more about Sandara talking about her dating life below.

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