3 Secrets Behind LE SSERAFIM’s Insanely Synchronized Choreographies, According To Yunjin

The final one can’t be replicated.

LE SSERAFIM‘s choreographies are always incredibly synchronized, and there’s a reason why!

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, member Yunjin revealed the methods that they use to perfect their dances.


The topic was brought up when she was asked what their dance practice sessions are like. Additionally, the interviewer was full of praises for the members, noting that their movements are intense yet do not lack in synchronization.

Your ambition comes across right down to the choreography. Not only is it intense, but a lot of it shows how in sync all of the members are, like when you link arms or move around with your hands on each other’s shoulders. What was it like practicing for that?

— Weverse Magazine

According to the “ANTIFRAGILE” singer, there are three reasons why this was made possible. First, they train for an average of six to seven hours a day. Second, in between sessions, they film themselves dancing and use slow motion to be able to better see their rhythms and angles. This helps them adjust their movements as necessary.

We’re practicing the choreography in specific detail for around six or seven hours a day. We filmed the moves in slow motion to make sure we’re getting the rhythm and angles just right.

— Yunjin

But most importantly, they’re all on the same wavelength emotionally! The members make a conscious decision to help each other and be considerate and understanding. Because of their limitless support for each other, they are able to efficiently work together and reap great results.

I think we all have to be on the same page emotionally before we can get our dance moves in sync properly. I think what makes us work together so well is that we make a sincere effort to help each other out and be considerate and try to be understanding of one another.

— Yunjin

| @le_sserafim/Twitter

Finally, Yunjin added that their close teamwork is genuine. Everything that fans see in their videos is authentic. In other words, even behind closed doors, their relationship is the same!

I can say with absolute confidence that we have excellent cooperation and teamwork. The chemistry you see in our videos is completely genuine. (laughs)

— Yunjin

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Source: Weverse Magazine


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