BTS V’s Love Of Ramen Led To An “Argument” With His Co-Star While Filming For “Jinny’s Kitchen” In Mexico

Never mess with an idol and his ramen! 😂😂

Like all idols and netizens, BTS‘s V is someone who loves ramen and is often seen eating it during promotions, schedules, and when he’s relaxing.

BTS’s V eating ramen | Weverse

Recently, V truly showcased his love of ramen when he appeared with the cast of Jinny’s Kitchen (also known as Seo Jin’s) on The Game Caterers.

The online show aired ahead of the variety show’s premiere later in the week. During the episodes, the cast showcased their unrivaled chemistry on the loved show.


Along with being whipped for the idol, the cast hilariously shared some anecdotes about V that have the internet LOL’ing! During the episode, they were talking about V’s love for ramen.

It was so intense that Lee Seo Jin even shared there was a “fight” between the idol and fellow cast member Jung Yu Mi. It was revealed that V got very upset at Yu Mi one night when they were eating ramen. According to Seo Jin, V got really upset at Yu Mi and yelled at her while eating ramen.

It seems like the fight wasn’t major but they “fought” because both Yu Mi and V said they were going to eat ramen after dinner. So, Seo Jin cooked three packs of ramen, but, in the end, Yu Mi said she was full.

After the “fight,” it was revealed that V had to eat two packets of ramen by himself.

During the episode, Seo Jin revealed something that most ARMYs know: V loves his ramen. V was asked why he ate ramen every night, and V unsurprisingly was relatable AF with his reply.

Thats..because I was tired. I relieved it (my stress/tiredness) through that…

— V

Of course, it was heartwarming seeing how happy V was eating the ramen, and when Yu Mi asked, “Taehyung, how is it?” the idol looked happy and content eating.

Even Seo Jin was shocked by the amount of ramen V could eat, sharing that he would eat two to three packets each night. V then cutely replied that the ramen tasted better because he was eating with good company.

Seo Jin: It was interesting (amazing) to see how he can eat 2-3 ramen every night

V: It’s (was able to eat it) because it tasted better since we were all together

Of course, it wasn’t serious, and V and Yu Mi showcased how close they are during the episodes of The Game Caterers. 

You can read more about the episode below.

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