Seo Ye Ji’s Numerous Bullying Allegations From The Past Resurface In Light Of Her Controversy

She’s been accused several different times.

Actress Seo Ye Ji has been caught in the middle of a shocking controversy involving her former boyfriend and actor, Kim Jung Hyun. As the two actors continue to make headlines across the nation, Seo Ye Ji’s past is also continuing to be unearthed and brought back into the spotlight.

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Previously in February of this year, Seo Ye Ji was accused of being a school bully and engaging in school violence by a netizen claiming to be a former schoolmate. While it didn’t gain traction at the time, the accusations are belatedly making headlines due to the actress’s ongoing controversy.

Just a day ago, another victim has stepped forward to confirm these previous rumors and to share the legitimacy of the first allegations that were made. This netizen also claimed to be a victim of Seo Ye Ji’s bullying and as alleged proof, they shared a photo of their middle school yearbook. They started off the story by revealing the reason why the bullying accusations didn’t stick the first time.

Middle school yearbook proof | Nate Pann

The reason why the school violence and bullying didn’t blow up at the time is because we’re all mothers now. It’s hard for mothers to step forward and come out like that. I’m also a mother so I fully understand where they were coming from.

— Alleged bullying victim

They also re-shared a photo of the original poster’s proof. Back in February, Seo Ye Ji’s middle school photo was uploaded online, along with a handwritten note stamping the time and date of the allegation. Along with the photo, the victim continued with their story by sharing the violence and bullying instances the victims endured at the hands of Seo Ye Ji.

Seo Ye Ji’s middle school photo with note, “2021/2/22 1:07 Nate Pann proof” | Nate Pann

There was a girl who got smacked around in front of everyone by Seo Ye Ji. She’s a mom now. She (Seo Ye Ji) would go around with her girls, but if she decided she didn’t like you, she would start hitting you. She treated people like they were her belongings.

— Alleged bullying victim

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The It’s Okay To Not Be Okay actress was also formerly hit with bullying accusations back in 2014. This victim claimed that “Seo Ye Ji was well-known at our school as a bully. Everyone knew her. She would bully and steal money from people.” At the time of this reveal, however, Seo Ye Ji was just beginning her career as a rookie actress. Thus, these allegations never made headlines.

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Seo Ye Ji became the target of severe criticism after her skinship controversy with Kim Jung Hyun became publicized. Alleged text messages between the two actors were released by Dispatch, showing Seo Ye Ji’s opposition to Kim Jung Hyun’s skinship scenes for his 2018 drama, The Time. She allegedly ordered Kim Jung Hyun to refuse all skinship scenes and to act coldly towards all the females on set. Her demands resulted in Kim Jung Hyun’s noticeably rude and hostile behavior towards his female lead counterpart, Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun.

Kim Jung Hyun’s (right) cold behavior towards Seohyun (left) | MBC

Since the controversy, the actress has been laying low and staying out of the spotlight. Seo Ye Ji has since canceled her appearance for the press conference for her movie,  Recalled, and has also reportedly dropped out of her upcoming OCN drama due to the ongoing situation.

Source: Chosun, Hankyung and E Daily News

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