Actress Seo Ye Ji Makes Rare Social Media Update, Interacting With Fans

She also recently opened an Instagram account.

Actress Seo Ye Ji (also romanized as Seo Yea Ji) updated fans!

Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye Ji made her acting comeback with tvN‘s 2022 K-Drama Eve following her multiple scandals after being accused of school bullying, gaslighting fellow actor and former partner Kim Jung Hyun, and allegedly abusing and threatening production staff.


Yet, Seo Ye Ji is rarely seen in public, seldom updates, and there has been no casting news.

Seo Ye Ji has now made a rare update via social media, much to her fans’ excitement.

| @yeyeji_seo/Instagram

A couple of weeks ago, Seo Ye Ji opened her new Instagram account @yeyeji_seo. At the time of writing, she has garnered 731K followers.

Today, Seo Ye Ji shared photos of her cat Coco and cute cat-themed wallart via fan cafe. She also wrote a heartfelt message to her fans.

| @yejiholic/Naver

To yeyes I miss,
Stay healthy-!
I love you all.

โ€” Seo Ye Ji

| @yejiholic/Naver
| @yejiholic/Naver
| @yejiholic/Naver
| @yejiholic/Naver

Seo Ye Ji continued interacting with fans on fan cafe and Instagram. She liked some comments and replied to others.

As a result, Seo Ye Ji ended up trending on X (formerly Twitter). Her fans were so happy to have her back and interact with them.

Previously, Seo Ye Ji shared an update for her birthday last month. Read more below.

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