S.E.S. Shoo Confesses She Spent Over $700,000 USD On Gambling Last Year

She’s acknowledged the charges.

Former S.E.S. member Shoo has confessed that she spent approximately 800 million won ($709,000 USD) over 26 episodes of gambling last year.


Last month, Shoo was prosecuted for allegedly gambling thousands of dollars in Macau.

S.E.S. Shoo Prosecuted For Gambling Thousands Of Dollars In Macau


On the morning of January 24, the prosecutor for Shoo’s gambling trial revealed that she spent a total of 798,250,000 won ($707,620 USD) over 26 episodes of gambling starting from August 6, 2018.

Moreover, her acquaintance, who was indicted for aiding and abetting, lent her approximately 198,800,000 won ($176,229 USD) knowing that the funds would be used for gambling.


Shoo and Shoo’s lawyer acknowledged all the charged facts and all the evidence as well.

I’ve read the indictment and acknowledge all the charges.

ㅡ Shoo


Shoo’s gambling case came to light when she confessed to being the former girl group member who had 600 million won in unpaid loans, some of which were suspected to be used for gambling.

S.E.S. Shoo Confirmed To Be Girl Group Member Who Owes 600 Million Won In Unpaid Loans


She has since been involved in numerous rumors about her separation with her husband to cancelled deals with her agency.

S.E.S. Shoo Rumored To Have Separated With Husband Following Gambling Scandal


Meanwhile, the court has indicated that they will speed things up and announce the sentence before the end of February. Shoo’s next trial will take place on February 7.

Source: Osen
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