Woman Seungri Introduced To Investors Denies That She Is A Prostitute

It may be difficult for authorities to punish Seungri.

The police who have been investigating Seungri’s accusations of prostitution solicitation have called the woman (Woman A) who was suspected of being a prostitute. Woman A stated that she was not working in prostitution and therefore, future investigations on this issue will most likely become difficult for the police.

According to the police, Woman A was a woman who was present at Club Arena in Gangnam on December 7, 2015 when Seungri’s foreign investors were visiting Korea. She was a woman who Seungri introduced to the foreign investors.

In December 2015, Seungri’s acquaintance, Kim, introduced me to a person who was supposed to be the daughter of a foreign sports team owner and we drank together. I am not a prostitute.

ㅡ Woman A


Considering Woman A’s statement, it seems that Woman A was one of the beautiful club “guests”, who promoters often manage separately in order to attract more customers to clubs.

In order to properly charge Seungri for his accusations on prostitution, there must be proof that shows Seungri was promised money/valuables or investment in exchange for the introduction to Woman A. Moreover, if there were no sexual relations between the foreign investors and Woman A, or if she or Seungri did not receive money, it will be difficult to charge Seungri for his prostitution accusations. However, Woman A has denied that she was correlated to Seungri’s business at the time.


Seungri has been suspected of soliciting prostitutes for his investors since a chat log that implied such actions were revealed.

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Numerous other chatlogs that suggested his ties to prostitution have since been released and Seungri has been participating in police investigations for the accusations.

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Source: Joongang Ilbo

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