SEVENTEEN Achieve 1 Million Sales In Only 5 Days With “Heng:garæ”

They’ve set some new records with this feat!

Besides stunning everyone with their intense choreography, making everyone bop along to their ridiculously good tracklist, and getting everyone involved in their super fun TikTok challenge, SEVENTEEN have been flexing their power on the charts and setting all kinds of new records this comeback including their recent 1 million sales record!

Image: @pledis_17/Twitter

Even before it officially released, SEVENTEEN’s latest mini-album Heng:garæ sold over half a million units in just 2 days of presales and had surpassed 1.06 million stock pre-orders setting a new personal record for them. On June 25, SEVENTEEN set another personal record when their album sold 890,000 copies surpassing An Ode‘s first week sales of 700,863 copies.

Now, SEVENTEEN have slayed yet another record with Heng:garæ! On June 26, Hanteo announced that the album had sold over 1,010,000 copies. Even more impressive? SEVENTEEN achieved this milestone just 5 days after the album was released!

While reaching million-seller status is already reason enough to celebrate, with this achievement SEVENTEEN became the second act in 2020 to sell over 1 million copies during the first week. On top of that, they are now ranked as the third K-Pop group with the highest first-week sales in Initial Chodong record history!

Image: @pledis_17/Twitter

Considering it’s only been 5 days since the album dropped, who knows how many more records SEVENTEEN will smash within their first week! Congratulations SEVENTEEN!

Source: Osen


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