SEVENTEEN’s DK Leaves A Heartwarming Message For ASTRO’s Moonbin

“If we meet next time, we have to sing together…”

The members of SEVENTEEN are known to be especially close to ASTRO‘s Moonbin. Mingyu and Woozi have already left their tributes to the star through Instagram and a note at his memorial. On April 25, fans spotted a letter left at the memorial by DK.

| @MNBIN0126/Twitter

To. The Binnie that I miss.

The Binnie I miss! It’s Dokyeommie hyung! You’re resting well comfortably, right? Everyone is missing Binnie a lot. You’re looking over everyone, right? You’re really someone who deserves to be loved and a really good person hehe. Whenever I saw you, you would always have that cute smile like “heh, hehe” and make everyone around you feel good, so you’d always be so liked… We both talked a lot to each other about our worries in singing… Whenever that happens, you’d say, “Hyung, thank you hehe. Let’s grab a drink again together next time!”  I miss that from you. I really wanted to be of great help to you… I should’ve spent more time with you, talking to you… I keep thinking such thoughts. I’m sorry, Bin, for not being able to hug all the pain and difficulties you kept bottled up inside of your heart. We will all promote healthily to cover your share too, and we will remember you inside our hearts forever. And I sincerely pray for your happiness. So please smile lots and be happy in heaven. If we meet next time, we have to sing together and let’s laugh a lot without worries then! Bin, I love you. You’ve worked hard up to now!

From Kyeommie Hyung.

— DK

DK was known to be friendly with Moonbin through Moonbin’s close friendship with 98-liner Seungkwan. The two even shared playful moments on video call before.

DK also once named Moonbin as someone he wanted to have a duet with.

Rest in peace.


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