SEVENTEEN Are Gaining Praise After Seemingly Protecting Two Girls From Harassment During “GOING SEVENTEEN”

“I love it that they protected the girls and didn’t leave them…”

Following the online speculation stemming from the viral TikTok clip, it has since been clarified that there was no harassment taking place. A Twitter user @middle_jjong, who identified herself as a close friend of one of the two girls who were interviewed by Joshua and Jeonghan, shared that the man wasn’t harassing either of the girls. A Spinspin question asked, “Why did Joshua choose your friend to interview? Was he helping her out because the man was talking to her? Could you ask her, please?” In response, @middle_jjong tweeted, “I asked her, and she told me that the man was simply sharing the bench with them. Joshua and Jeonghan approached them because they recognized the idols and looked surprised.”

SEVENTEEN‘s JoshuaJeonghan, S.Coups, and Jun have gained praise after their recent actions were seen to protect two members of the public who were seemingly being harassed.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua, Jun, Jeonghan, and S.Coups | @pledis_17/Twitter

On the latest episode of “GOING SEVENTEEN,” the four oldest members of SEVENTEEN set their plan into action. In particular, they spoke to members of the public and asked for recommendations on what they should do.

At one moment, as the members were walking through the park, Joshua suddenly exclaimed, “There’s someone I really want to interview.”

After wondering whether they could, the members walked up to the two girls. They politely asked the two girls if they could interview them, and the man next to them quickly walked away, as he was seemingly uncomfortable with the camera being on.

The members then chatted with one of the girls as part of their mission.

While it may have just seemed normal at the start and Joshua probably just wanted to speak to someone, netizens seemingly noticed that the members did it to protect the girl they interviewed.

In particular, they noticed that there was a man sitting very close to the two girls on the bench. Yet, as soon as the members walked towards them, he quickly walked away when he noticed he was being filmed. Many believe the members knew the girls were uncomfortable and went to warn him off.


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After the episode aired, the video quickly spread online, and although it wasn’t obvious or confirmed at the time, netizens believed that something seemed off. As expected, the comments were full of netizens praising the members, and while they all played their part, they particularly praised Joshua for initiating the protection.

For many fans, it was proof that they stanned the right group as SEVENTEEN are always gentlemen, and the fact they went out of their way to speak to the girls, knowing they were in trouble, showcases their true personalities.